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Jeevan Anand Lic Policy

If you are interested in having a life insurance policy then lic jeevan anand plan is best suited for your needs. In this particular plan, you will be able to find a blend of “Whole Life Insurance” and “Endowment Assurance.” This plan will help you to secure your future against death and if any case you survive after the end of the term, then you will be getting a lump sum amount.   With details about this plan you can know and understand how much you have to invest and how much you will be getting in case of your survival. This is the best plan, which is a assurance to your family of having a financial backup in case of your accidental death.

You can select a premium payment time as per your requisite. You can pay the premium, “Annually”, “Half-Yearly” or “Monthly.” You can even select payment mode as direct deduction from your salary. You have to pay this premium for the time, which you have selected. Premium payment mode and selection of type is given in the jeevan anand lic policy details.

“LIC” or “Life Insurance Corporation of India” also attains maximum profit from this plan. Profit is in face of “Bonus” that LIC is getting. As per sum assured, LIC gets an annual bonus, which is per thousand of the sum assured. This bonus is given after end of each financial year. Until the time of maturity of policy or death of a person, LIC will be entitled to get this bonus every year. An added bonus is also provided after completion of a certain period.

Benefits Of LIC Jivan Anand

There are different advantages, which as a person you can avail of lic jeevan anand plan. Some of the benefits are mentioned below:

In Case Of Survival At The End Of Plan:

You will be getting an assured amount at the end of this plan in case of your survival. After your death, your family will be a getting an additional sum assured.

Accidental Advantages:

In case of your accidental death up to the age of “Seventy” an amount of Rs five Lacs is payable. If you are disabled because of this accident, you will be getting this amount in installments.

Added Advantages:

Some extra or added advantages can be linked with your current plan, which you can utilize as per your requirement. Amount of your premium will increase once you get some added advantages to your policy.

Value Of Surrender:

Having a life insurance policy is easy, but maintaining it is difficult. If in any case you want to discontinue your life insurance policy after a certain amount of time, then you can do so as on payment of a surrender value.

Guaranteed Value Of Surrender

With jeevan anand lic policy details, you will come to know about period after which you can surrender your policy. Minimum time for which you have to give the payment is three years and after that, thirty percent of the total premium is the guaranteed value of surrender.

Policy Of LIC On Surrender:

While surrendering the policy, LIC will be paying a special value of surrender that is equal or more than guaranteed value of surrender. Value of this payment is done after calculating the total premium, which is paid. In any case, if surrender of policy is before value of surrender is less than the total amount of premium, which is paid. Surrender value, which LIC has to pay, is revised timely depending on economic condition.


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